16 Minimalist Desk Accessories to Liven up Your Work Area

by Pinaki Munshi

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A fresh looking work area makes you want to work more. The looks of your work space can fill you up with energy. Here are some of the desk accessories that you may want to add to your work area, to give it a more positive look.

1. TIED RIBBONS Book Newspaper File Organizer Magazine Holder Stand

This is for your table or office desk or for your home décor. You can organize your books, files and everything that remains stacked at the corner of your desk. It makes your desk look clean and organized.

Magazine Holder

(Image: © TIED RIBBONS / Amazon)

This stand costs you Rs 499/– only. It is a triangle shaped black book stand that is made of high quality, easy to clean iron wire. This beautiful, decorative magazine stand has nine slots for your storing your books.

2. KLEO Water Absorbent Natural Rainbow Stone Table Coaster

Water Absorbent Natural Rainbow Stone Table

(Image: © KLEO / Amazon)

These pack of coasters come in set of four. It protects your desk from condensation spills and coffee stains.

These coasters are of 3.5 inches each size and are round in shape. These are made of polished, natural multicolor stone and are best for both home and office use. This set costs Rs 395/– only.

Metaphorically and literally, brightening up the walls in your office space and introducing some more light into the building can make all the difference. Add desk organizer and holder from displays and holders.

3. FITUEYES Desk Organizer Office Storage Rack

DIY Adjustable Shelf

(Image: © FITUEYE / Amazon)

This is a Do It Yourself adjustable shelf or rack that can be assembled in several different ways into an office display stand or a storage rack.

This rack is a composition of two main parts. You can adjust the position and distance between these two main parts as per your choice. This rack is made of natural wood. It is a sturdy structure and is ideal for placing your office supplies, books, documents and may be your indoor plants also. This decorative rack costs you Rs 2010/ only.

4. Lighthaus Candle, Scented Candle Jar with Printed Lid 

Vanilla Caramel Candle

(Image: © Lighthaus / Amazon)

These are Vanilla Caramel Candles, having a burn time of 32 hrs for your home and office interiors. This candle costs you Rs 499/-, spreading lasting fragrance.

These candles are made of premium quality materials and are hand poured. These hand poured candles do not have any toxic effect as it consists lead free cotton wicks.

5. Marble Contact Paper for your scratched office desk

best-selling Marble Contact Paper

(Image: © CVANU / Amazon)

Do you have an old, scratched up office desk? You can turn it into new with this self adhesive Wood Grain Wall paper, which are waterproof old furniture Vinyl stickers. You can fix it on wooden doors, wardrobe, desktop etc.

Size of each paper is 12×50 inches and costs Rs 284/ only. These are also removable by peeling it off and can be fixed on any other dry flat surface. These are dust proof, moisture proof sheets and can be wiped clean with a piece of damp cloth.

6. Lemon grass Home Center Serene Bouquet Reed Diffuser

Lemongrass Reed Diffuser

(Image: © Home Centre / Amazon)

This comes in asset of 6 pieces and is green in color. This set costs you Rs 249/ only. This reed diffuser is made of green glass.

This package contains one ceramic pot, one reed diffuser oil and four reed sticks.

7. Multi Functional Grid Frame for Wall decoration

Grid Frame

(Image: © KV Creation / Amazon)

This grid frame has two wire hanging baskets that is the perfect place for keeping all your office knick knacks in perfect place. This can also be used as photo frames.

This is a clip holder photo frame, designed as a multi functional creative mesh wall grid, made of black wire. It is easy to hang with its built in hooks at the top. This space organizer for your office or home, costs you Rs 1395/ only.

8. Lavender Aroma Diffuser with Reed sticks

Lavender Aroma Diffuser

(Image: © Deco aro / Amazon)

These Lavender aroma reed sticks help you to relieve your stress levels. This piece looks like a flower that does not need any care.

A set of this aroma diffuser costs you Rs 550/ that gives you Lavender fragrance, with Reed sticks and aroma diffuser, an Ideal piece to be placed on your office desk top.

9. Air Purifying Spider Plant, in White Dew Bucket Ceramic Pot

Spider Plant

(Image: © Rolling Nature / Amazon)

Spider plant is an air purifier plant that you will love to place on your office desk. The size of the pot is 4 inches and the average height of plant in the pot is about 7 to 10 inches.

This is the best air purifying plant that is approved by NASA, which removes Formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide and other toxic chemicals from your office or home indoor air. The set of plant and pot costs you Rs 359/ only.

10. Supple Room Self Adhesive Marble Sticky Notes

Marble Sticky Notes

(Image: © Supple Room / Amazon)

These are handy notes to be used in your office or at your home, for communicating messages in your absence. These notes are super sticky and will look beautiful on your office desk.

One piece of these sticky notes contains 70 pieces in marble pattern and costs you Rs 199/- only. This is a fancy piece of stationary, which are available in gray marble effect. Size per piece is 7cmx7cm.

11. Artificial Pachira Plant Ceramic Vase

Artificial Pachira Plant

(Image: © Fourwalls Range / Amazon)

It is a tall glass of gorgeous Artificial Pachira Plant that will make your desk look just as in touch with live nature.

This plant is made of high quality fabric, in green color. The finish of the pot is glossy and there is an elegant stone layering at the surface of the pot. The leaves of the plant are natural looking and the height of the pot is 12 cm. The set contains one plant in a pot and the height of the item is 38 cm. This item costs you Rs 679/- only.

12. Gorgeous Hand Crafted Wooden Lamp in Beige

Gorgeous Hand Crafted Wooden Lamp

(Image: © M & H Furn / Amazon)

It is a wooden study lamp, having a LED light of 5 Watts. It has a magnetic ball and can swivel for shade cup, which is detachable in nature.

This lamp is of Silver Oak Polished natural color. And costs Rs 1980/- to you.

13. Letter Board with 290 letters, numbers and symbols

Letter Board

(Image: © LetterJar Changable / Amazon)

This is letter jar changeable felt letter board, of the size 12×18 inches. It is a changeable wooden message board sign with Oak wood frame and is a wall mount board.

This board has variable character set and is a social media property. You can use it for your official messages or for capturing your memories. You can either hang the board or keep it on a stand. This board with set of letters will cost you Rs 1999/- only-. 

14. Sleek LED Desk Lamp or desk light for study

Sleek LED Desk Lamp

(Image: © Figment desk / Amazon)

It is a sleek desk lamp with three brightness levels and with a 36o degree adjustable neck. This is a rechargeable lamp. It is a fully touch control light giving non-flicking natural light. It has built in rechargeable battery and does not have any cord.

This lamp will cost you Rs 498/- only.

15. Mesh Desk Organizer with Three Compartments

Mesh Desk Organizer

(Image: © TULMAN 3 / Amazon)

It is a Compartmental metal mesh desk organizer for your office desk, to hold pen and pencil, stand ruler, visiting cards, sticky notes holder etc. It is black in color and costs you Rs 279/-, a piece.

16. Garbage waste plastic dustbin

Garbage waste plastic

(Image: © KETWAREPIN / Amazon)

It is from Ketwarepin office home waste dustbin, to be kept in your office or home, having two separate compartments for dry and wet wastes, in one bin.

It is made of strong plastic material in green, gray color combination. Size of the dustbin is 33 cmx26 cmx48 cm and is made of 100% food grade and BPA free plastic. This dustbin will cost you Rs 1499/-

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