How Have Online Casinos Helped Improve the Environment?

by Carter Toni

Perhaps, it’s the first time you see online casinos involved in such a context. Yet, it won’t be the last. Environmental causes are a matter of pressing urgency, and no industry or individual is immune to them. Can the online gambling industry make the situation any better?

It turns out they can. This article talks about how this industry reduces its environmental impacts worldwide. Follow our guest specialist, Kristoffer Haagensen, to get the latest updates on the issue.

Going Greener

In 2019, Norway topped the list of the most sustainable countries in the world. The ranking was released by RobecoSAM, analysed between 65 and 150 countries. Coincidentally, there are no land-based casinos in Norway. Norwegian gamblers who wish to have a good time can resort to nye casino 2022 to find the best options.

The carbon footprint left by land-based casinos isn’t neglectable. The only way to play on a land-based casino is travelling, or at least commuting to it. Not many people are lucky enough to go on foot to such venues. Land-based casinos and resorts also generate a lot of waste.

Disposable towels, beddings, napkins, food waste in the restaurants, disproportional energy consumption, and extravagant shows. These are some of the ways land-based casinos are aggravating the climate crisis.

However, some giants of the industry are also amending their habits. Casinos like Caesars Palace and MGM Resorts reduced their carbon footprints. Measures include recycling their waste onsite and more efficient energy consumption.

The Case for Online Casinos

Online gambling platforms are still the greenest despite the damage reduction effort in the land-based corner. People don’t have to travel to them, and also there’s no waste related to the activity. In fact, they helped to reduce greenhouse emissions significantly. Since 2020, more players have shifted from brick-and-mortar to online options, as most venues were closed. Yet, there’s a lot to be done.

Online casinos can actually improve the environment, not only reduce its damages if game studios support environmental causes via donations and marketing campaigns. By promoting green innovation and technologies research, these multi-billionaire companies help more. Still, shifting from land-based to online platforms already represents a sizable cut in emissions.

Besides, online casinos are fertile grounds for tech innovation more than land-based venues. Online casinos go deep into immersive technologies like VR, AR, and XR gear. With so many amenities at home, online gambling has exploded in popularity. This market is also set to grow for the foreseeable future.

Extravagance Equals Waste

Consider the Las Vegas casino resorts for a moment. The light beam at the Luxor Hotel, the dancing fountains at the Bellagio, the millions of lamps that stay on night and day. This kind of display costs a colossal amount of money, not to mention the energy spent. It’s important to remember that about 90% of electricity in the USA comes from thermoelectric sources.

Of course, online casinos still depend on electricity to run, but it doesn’t need sumptuous stunts of water and lights to survive. All they need is a smartphone, and almost everyone has one these days. About 83% of the world’s population has at least one smartphone. It partially explains why online casinos have become so popular lately. Even with the falter of the brick-and-mortar section, online gambling venues carried on the industry’s legacy.

Exit: Living Room

Important names of the land-based segment are investing in becoming less pollutant. Still, online casinos helped keep the industry on track during tumultuous times while slashing greenhouse emissions. It requires no travelling or commuting and generates no waste. Some online platforms are already investing in environmental causes. Sure, there’s a lot to be done. Yet, the online gambling segment has shown how it can clean the entire industry.

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