How to be attractive to Women: Men’s grooming guide

by Carter Toni

There is no denying in the fact that attractive people have some kind of irresistible magnetism about them. It may be primal but it’s what captures the attention at first. Well, being attractive is not just about looks, it’s a way more than just appearance. It could be your confidence, your passion, your personality, or your intelligence as every individual is beautiful in their own way.

There may be some superficial beauty standards prevailing in the society but they are completely unneeded. Initially, you can be attracted to someone based on their physical appearance but later on you will be drawn to one’s personality and nature.

You cannot be attractive by just being good-looking. It’s more of how you present yourself elegantly to the world, it’s how you pamper yourself, it’s about how you put effort every single day to make a better version of yourself. It’s about Self-love and self-love can never be selfish. The boost of confidence you feel when you look yourself into the mirror and think how nicely you have evolved. Well, this will definitely help to raise your self-esteem.

So what’s stopping you to think high of yourself? Don’t you feel confident enough? Trust me, you already have it. Just need a little bit of grooming to make a better version of yourself.

It’s time to just raise the bar and feel better about yourself.

Expert Guide grooming tips for Men:

Dress well

Dressing well is an art. It’s very important to dress well to look presentable and it also shows that you have put effort. It shows respect towards whoever you have planned to meet and also it helps people to remember you if dressed appropriately for the occasion. It is also considered as a form of good manners.

Like, if you are attending a meeting or a party, you can wear formals. Also, if you are going for a casual outing, you can wear something comfortable yet cool. A funny tshirtor a casual shirt would be fine. Again, If you are attending a traditional function like a wedding or a festival then you should go for a ethnic wear. It’s colorful, it’s bright and it looks appealing.

But, if you think it takes too much mental effort and you are not willing to spend so much time shopping and visiting stores, not to worry, there are tons of online shopping apps available nowadays. You can easily find formal wear, ethnic wear, any casual or funny t shirts online.

Take good care of your SMILE

Remember, your smile is a curve that sets everything straight. And, it’s one hundred percent true that a good smile can work wonders on appearance while on the other hand, if your teeth are dirty, stained or too yellow, it could ruin your impression just like that.

So, one should definitely take good care of their dental hygiene by visiting dental clinics, teeth whitening, scaling, etc. If you need a recommendation, you can get your crown fitted or opt for dental implants in Encino for a stunning smile.

There are some teeth-whitening powders that could make your smile brighter and make a huge difference by lifting up your appearance.

Groom your hair

Don’t forget to take great care of your hair to keep it nourished and well maintained. Men’s hair is usually a bit on a rough side and more prone to balding, it could be due to genes or bad choice of hair care products. So it’s very important to take care from the beginning, although, the bald look is cool as well but if you got it, flaunt it.

Go for regular trimming, avoid using some random hair care products, oil your hair once a week, avoid over washing your hair, dry your hair gently, use expert recommended products and most importantly stay hydrated and eat good food.

Don’t forget your beards

Well, this topic is entirely subjective, as some prefer clean shaved while others may prefer stubble, in different shapes and sizes. How you trim is entirely up to you but it should be trimmed, well-washed, clean and void of food scraps. Trust me, a dirty and stained beard is a huge turn off.

Trim your Ears and Nose hairs

Believe me, it doesn’t matter if you have a hairy body or have chest hair but trimming your ears or nose may not matter to you that much but it surely does to our lovely ladies out there. It’s an underrated grooming task and most of the time gets overlooked but it’s important to add it to the routine.

Spare some time for your hands and feet

You may not even notice or think about it, but it’s very important for us girls to have your hands and feet properly cleaned. Men with long dirty nails are not very attractive. It’s important that your nails are properly cleaned and short and your hands are washed and hygienic.


Please! Never ever ignore the importance of a nice pair of shoes or slippers or loafers etc. It’s very important to have a couple of clean, good quality footwear because believe it or not people make shoe contact even before an eye contact. Nobody likes dirty or worn-out shoes.

Smell nice

Smelling nice is a necessity and not an option. It’s always a good idea to use a good soap or shower gel. Your natural body odour is what makes you special, so combining it with a little fragrance would be a good idea. Smelling good is highly preferable so you can always use a good Cologne, but wait, don’t bathe in it, nobody likes that overpowering smell that may give you a headache.

Say hello to customised t-shirts

Isn’t it great to have a personalised couple tshirt? C’mon! You can’t deny that it looks cute when you and your girlfriend are wearing cute couple custom t-shirts. It’s not cheesy! It shows that you care for each other and you like each other’s company.

There are many such T-Shirts available in the market like the one, “He’s mine and She’s mine” and many more. You can also customise it according to your choice and preference. There are many online shirt designs making apps available and one such is PrintShop by Designhill.

Some afterthoughts….

These were some of the tips and tricks that you can follow to make your presence more noticeable. Apart from that there are many more habits that you can develop like keep your wallet organised, wear properly ironed clothes, wear clean socks, properly tailored clothes that fits you properly, take care of your hygiene, keep fit and healthy, Always prepare yourself to have an interesting conversation and the most important drink but don’t get drunk.Ha ha ha.

Well, you are born to be real, not perfect but you can definitely be the better version of yourself. We all know that nobody is perfect and there’s always scope for improvement. So why not give it a try and make life easier and more interesting?

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