The most important piece of equipment that you’ll use while running is your running shoes. They’re arguably even the only piece of equipment you need to start running, so you better make sure that the running sneakers you choose are working for you and not against you! While there’s an entire world of running shoes to choose from, with a bit of expert advice you can choose the pair that’s best suited for your running style.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 tips you should consider when choosing a new pair of running shoes. While choosing the right pair is always a matter of personal preference, these tips can help guide in determining the shoes that are best suited for your running style, mileage and terrain.

1. Choose a shoe that’s actually meant for running 

All sneakers are not created equally when it comes to running! While all sneakers technically work, running sneakers are specifically designed and include special technology to help you run faster and longer. Running involves repetitive motion and running shoes are designed to protect your feet from this movement. So when you go to pick out your next pair, avoid general sneakers and make sure you choose a style designed specifically for running. 

If you’re shopping online, there’s an easy way to help you choose the best running sneakers. Enlist the help of an online running manual that will guide you through the process. Famous brands like Adidas offer guides on their websites that can help you choose the perfect pair of running shoes based on factors such as your mileage, speed and running gait. Another upside to shopping online is that you can use an adidas promo code to save on all your purchases! There are several other good brands that make great quality running shoes for both men and women. Brand like Loom Footwear is the leading name when it comes to make running shoes with ultimate features. Loom is the pair of shoes everyone should have in their cupboard! Waterproof, breathable and on top of all, vegan friendly. You definitely want to check out to these best running shoes for women!

2. Pick a running shoe designed for your running style 

The terrain you commonly run on should be a determining factor in the running shoes you choose. If you run mainly on concrete or asphalt, consider a pair of running shoes with extra cushioning for support, especially if you’re prone to joint paint. If you spend a lot of time trailing running, make sure you pick trail shoes with extra traction and durability. If gearing up for a race is in your future, then you might want to invest in a solid pair of lightweight race shoes.

3. Make sure you get the right fit 

If you use only one factor when choosing your next pair or running shoes, let that factor be fit. Despite popular belief you shouldn’t have to “break-in” running shoes since properly fitted shoes will fit perfectly right away. Make sure you choose running shoes that fit comfortably and take care to avoid shoes that are too tight. Your feet actually swell up a bit while you’re on a run so you want to make sure you leave room for your foot to move.

4. Watch out for these these common mistakes 

Now that we’ve talked about what you should do let’s take a look at some common mistakes to avoid when buying your next pair:

  • Avoid shoes that are too small at all costs, you’ll end up with blisters, sore toes and all sorts of other problems!
  • Don’t buy your shoes for looks. It doesn’t matter how cool a shoe looks when you’re on the road, the best pair of running shoes are the ones that fit correctly.
  • Don’t assume your usual size will be the correct one. Rember, fit is the most important factor so forget about your regular shoe size and choose the size that fits best.

5. Don’t forget about running socks

While not directly related to choosing the right running shoes, don’t forget that running socks are important too! The right socks will go a long way towards preventing blisters, calluses and hotspots. Avoid cotton socks and invest in some premium running socks made of a non-slip, sweat-wicking material.

By Carter Toni

BuzRush Staff