45+ Secret Makeup Tips and Tricks Those You Always Wanted to Know

by Carter Toni

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Are you interested in knowing new makeup tips and tricks? Do you wish to apply your makeup every morning and want to be more innovative about it? Do the latest and most new makeup materials attract you?

There are number of secret makeup tricks and tips, which the professional makeup artists never want the public to know. These tips and tricks are their professional secrets. But, this article deals in revealing all those secret makeup tips and tricks to you, as we wish you to look better and better, all the way long.

Are your eyebrows full? Try hairspray on them

You can first spray your hairspray on a clean and disposable mascara wand. You now brush your eyebrows up. You can give your eyebrows any shape you want. The hairspray helps in keeping your eyebrow hairs in place.

makeup tips and tricks

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Do take care of your mascara brush

Your mascara brush does all the tricks for you, when you apply mascara. You must take care of your mascara brush and save it properly, after you are done with applying mascara. Please do clean it properly. You may try a cheaper bottle also because there is no need to be extravagant about it.

mascara brush

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Be sure to use the right foundation, which suits your skin type

Be sure about your skin type first, before you choose a foundation for you. If it is oily, water based foundation is best for you. If you have dry skin, try an oil based foundation. You see, it is different for every person.

right foundation for your skin type

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Do you use full coverage concealer? Try this

If you use a matte, full coverage concealer, you can look more natural by simply using a drop of primer oil or coconut oil, or any oil of your choice. It helps to make your concealer more radiant, natural and remains very easy to blend. It also helps with creasing.

primer oil or coconut oil

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If you are a highlighter user, make a note of this tip

Never forget to wet your brush before applying highlighter. It provides you more glow with your highlighter.


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If you use liquid matte lipstick, don’t use lip liners

Please be careful about it. You do not need to use a lip liner separately, when you apply liquid matte lipstick on your lips.

liquid matte lipstick

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Do not use your fingers, while applying primer

This habit may cause micro exfoliation. This may cause clumps.

Dont apply primer with your fingers

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Do avoid face soaps with Sodium Laureth Sulphate

If you use face soaps to wash your face, carefully avoid soaps with Sodium Laureth Sulphate. It dries the skin of your face.

Never use face soap with sodium laureth sulfate

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Your eyes will look bigger with matte bronzer

Ever tried putting on little bit of matte bronzer in your eyelid crease and bottom lash line, while doing a full face makeup? This will make your eyes appear bigger, yet they will be bare.

bronzer to make your eyes look bigger

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Never add eye shadow, before your eyelid primer dries up

Please take care of it. You can coat your dry primer with light and neutral colour, on all over your eyelids. It acts as a good base and helps in easy blending of colours together. Build dark colours slowly. First you apply light colour and then go for darker shades. Never jump from light to dark straight, do it gradually.

eyelid primer dry before adding eyeshadow

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Do you have fine lines on and around your eyes? You can try this tip

Do use matte eye shadows and powders, if you have this condition. Please avoid using something shimmery, it will only enhance the lines around your eyes.

fine lines on and around your eyelids

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Make it a point to exfoliate and prime your lips first

You can use a serum to exfoliate and prime your lips first, before you use a liquid matte lipstick on them. It conceals the cracked lips.

Always exfoliate and prime your lips with a serum

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You must do your eye makeup first, before you apply foundation

This will help making easy of your cleaning of any fall out, from your eye shadow.

eye makeup before your foundation

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Did you ever try using scotch tape for the perfect eyeliner wing?

Try it and see the magic. You have to angle it from your eyes to your eyebrows. It will give you the crispiest and cleanest eyeliner, you have ever seen.

scotch tape for the perfect eyeliner wing

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You should try eye shadow primer on the lash lines

You can then sweep the eye shadow on the top of, with a fine liner brush. It will create smudge proof eyeliner. You can also use shadows, in place of eyeliners, if you wish.

eyeshadow primer on the lash line

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Never mess with mascara, accidentally spread around your eyes

Just let it dry first. You need to wait for five minutes or so and you can swipe it away with a Q tip. The mascara will flake off, instead of smudging.

accidentally get mascara around your eyes

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Use same cotton pad for applying makeup and eye liner

It is a good practice. You need to simply fold the cotton pad into half. You can use the straight line to line up with your eye. It will give the perfect sweep and you will not need any tapes.

use a cotton pad

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Know the margin of your eye shadow

You just imagine a line from the outer corner of your eye to the tip of your brow. This is where your eye shadow must stop. No further.

Imagine a line from the outer corner of your eye

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Be possessive about your make up brushes

Never share your makeup brushes with anyone. It is dangerous and may spread infections.

Never share makeup brushes

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Please do not try to imitate a celebrity

These makeups’s are for them. You are original and please never try to imitate that style. These celebrities have their own skin types and skin tones. Their makeup kits may just not for you.

recreate the celebrities

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Are you contouring? Take a note of this

You put the contour color on a brush or a sponge first. If you draw it on directly like lines, it will be hard to blend.

contour color on a brush or sponge

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Remember to remove your makeup, before going to sleep

You must allow your skin to breathe. Your body repairs itself in your sleep. Sleeping with your makeup on will break your skin and result into premature aging. It may also stain your bed. So, please be extra careful.

Dont sleep in your makeup

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Never go for ordinary skin care products

Your beauty care is your investment. You need to invest well in your skin care products.

Invest in good skin care products

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Try applying a light layer of powder, if your skin is very oily

You do it after you apply your primer and before you apply your foundation. It will give you a smoother look.

apply a light layer of powder after you apply your primer

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Use the bottom line first, for a smoother and straighter line

Are you doing winged eyeliner? Never start from the top lash line. See the difference with your this new tip.

use the bottom lash line for a smoother, straighter line

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Never blow on your makeup brushes

It is indeed a bad habit. Your brushes are full of bacteria. They have to be cleaned properly. Blowing on brushes may spray saliva on them. It is never wanted that you use these brushes again on your face.

Stop blowing on your makeup brushes

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Your bathroom cabinet is not the place to store your makeup

Bathroom contains humidity and toilet germs and it can damage your makeup.

Never store your makeup in a bathroom cabinet

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You should blend your foundation into your hairline and contour it

There must not be any line between your face makeup and your hair. You must be careful to conceal it first.

Blend your foundation into your hairline

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You must blend your foundation out onto your neck

Blend out your foundation out into your neck. You can put the product on your jaw line. You must also blend the foundation along with the edges of your face out. It helps in creating a natural look.

Blend your foundation out onto your neck

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You must opt for different foundations in different seasons

What works for you in summer, may not be perfect in winter. You need more moisturizing in winter and matte coverage in summer.   

different foundations in different seasons

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Remember to tap the extra eye shadow from your brush

We often ignore it and it damages the brush and the makeup both. Please do also remember to hold the brush further from the handle. It will give you more control over the brush.

Never use stark white concealer under your eyes

It looks odd. Try using a concealer one shade lighter than your face concealer. It makes your face brighter looking.

Try setting powder with a damp beauty blender or brush

It is good for people with a dry skin. It gives a smooth finish.

damp beauty blender or brush

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Hope this post will help you to look brighter and feel better. Did you know about all these makeup tips before? Please do share with us your experiences and give your valuable feed backs.

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