It’s in the Details: How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Backyard Wedding

by Carter Toni

Photo by Wu Jianxiong from Unsplash

Backyard weddings have shown that there’s beauty in simplicity. Sometimes, all you need are natural surroundings as your backdrop and the people you love, especially that person whom you’ll marry.

You can’t really take the planning out of the backyard wedding, no matter how simple you envision it to be. However, you can relax a bit knowing that no venue rental will be taking the largest slice of your wedding budget.

See what more you can do to maximize your budget and spend on what truly matters to pull off the wedding of your dreams.

Get That Dress

With the soft light and scenery, it’s easy to imagine wearing something floral, fun, and fancy. A less voluminous gown may be less expensive and more weather-appropriate, but the material and intricacy of the embroidery can cost you more. Bridal accessories add to the cost of the wedding dress.

There’s no skirting around the cost of a wedding dress because it is part of looking your best on your wedding day. Ask yourself, “how much is my budget for my  dress?”, “when should you buy your wedding dress online?”, or “what type of dress should I wear? Stick to a budget when shopping for dresses, look out for sample sales, and allot time finding the best one for you.

Find That Groom’s Suit

Grooms may not have much “price-related stress” over suits because of wearability or versatility. With impeccable styling and mixing or matching, no one would know it’s a wedding suit worn to a corporate meeting or another friend’s wedding. But no one would miss the fit and fine craftsmanship either.

Find modern wedding attire inspirations at Harry Rosen. Their curated selection of men’s designer clothing includes suits for weddings. If one needs advice on what to wear, they have digital advisors.

Weatherproof the Place

The weather brings a lot of uncertainties that can destroy hard-won plans at the last minute. Your comfort and that of your guests will always be a priority for an event entirely done outdoors.

So weatherproof the place and have backup plans when temperatures fluctuate.

  • Consider the time of day to get married. If you want to say “I do” on a summer day, try to schedule it on a late afternoon. It may also be best to avoid the hottest day of the year; maybe go for late summer or autumn.
  • Rent a tent. This outdoor shelter is for the sun, rain, humidity, and bugs, ensuring you and your guests will remain comfortable throughout the event. It may also have heaters or fans.

This colossal tent becomes the reception venue, so you’ll have to decorate, rent tables and chairs, do the table setting. The cost of a tent rental adds up with the chairs and tables, wedding dishware, catering, and accessories.

Seriously Consider the Space

Compare your wedding plans with the actual size and condition of the land. This is to make the necessary improvements and rain plans.

For example, the ground has to be level for the tent, tables and chairs, and dance floor. You may need an additional power source for the lighting, live music, and the whole outdoor-wedding setup.

Photo by Ben Rosett from Unsplash

The garden may also have to be revitalized to look lush and pretty in time for the wedding. The lawn, too, will need utmost care and maintenance to be green and well.

There may be areas in the yard that provide good shade and are close to the kitchen or the main house should you forgo tenting and catering⁠—opting to home cook is another matter.

Parking should be considered too.

Bedeck the Deck

The existence of a deck may eliminate some logistics mentioned above. For one, the elevated platform is perfect for exchanging vows and hosting a private outdoor dining experience.

Or it can serve as a chill lounge where everyone can just hang out and enjoy the night. Get solar deck post caps that are ornamental yet functional to mark the occasion.

A floral arch, drapery, and some plants may be all you need to decorate the deck. Plus, it’s near the house should the weather become bad.

Let the Music Play

For the reception and ceremony music, a DJ and a live band are top choices. But how do you choose?

  • Hire a DJ for a wide selection of music and a lively scene with lots of dancing. An experienced DJ knows how to read the room and hype the crowd, Check Seattle wedding DJ services to know how they manage the crowd.
  • Get a live band if you want a more interactive crowd, where everyone can sing along with the band. Build the playlist with them too.

Then there’s space. DJ equipment takes up little room compared to a four-people ensemble with all their musical instruments and production setup.

Hire Pros to Document the Wedding

It’s your wedding day, and you want to preserve all the beautiful moments of that day in stills and videos. Hiring a professional photographer and a videographer becomes a necessary wedding expense if you look at it that way.

All that work to spruce up the backyard and all your loved ones attending that special day deserve to be remembered forever.

There are definitely many moving parts involving a backyard wedding. But with a set budget, clear yet realistic plans, and help from vendors and others, the task of organizing your wedding becomes less of a chore. It’s your wedding, after all, so make it the best one ever.

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