Looking to buy the perfect eyeliner for you? Here is all you should know

by Carter Toni

Even if you are a kajal or a kohl girl, you need eyeliner pens. Apart from lining your upper eyelids, eyeliner is a must to define your eyes. But perfecting that liner is an art; it’s not easy to master. Applying eyeliner with panache comes with practice. But to think out of the box when it comes to eyeliner? Not everyone can do it.

Yes! You need to understand the trends and precisely what works for you. Just like our faces & their skin tone, our eyes have different shapes and different eye colours. Also, it depends on your mood, season, the colour of the outfit and primarily the occasion.

Do you want a long-winged liner, a fox-eye, or a little winged eyeliner to embrace your natural look? To master all these perfect looks, you need to find the perfect liner for your eyes.

Types of eyeliners: 

Liquid eyeliner: The use of eyeliners start with a liquid one; we all would remember using the liquid eyeliner and the messy look we got in the initial days. But gradually it becomes a favourite.

Pros & cons: It is long-lasting and smudges rarely. If you want perfect evening makeup with sharp strokes and pointed fine edges, this one fits the bill.

The application is tricky. A stroke with a shaky hand and shows clearly in your eyes.

Pen eyeliner: You have two types in this – the hard pencil (the one you need to sharpen) and the mechanical twist pencils, which are hassle-free.

Pros & cons: Easy to apply, you can smudge it slightly for a natural look or your no-makeup makeup look. Also, it’s cheaper than the other ones.

It fades quickly; hence, you have to reapply it from time to time.

Gel eyeliner: This product was introduced recently but instantly became a favourite for makeup lovers. Never forget to invest in a good quality cleanser to remove eye makeup and an Under-eye gel to keep fine lines and creases at bay.

Pros & cons: Gel liners can give you the benefits of a pencil and liquid eyeliner. To create a perfect cat eye or sharp strokes whenever required, you can use these. You can try and smudge them a bit for the natural or casual look. It is long-lasting too.

It’s slightly expensive, and you have to carry the applying brush and the pot everywhere. Also, it’s not easy to apply, but once you master it, you’ll be not disappointed.

Gel Pencils look like felt pens. Sometimes, they smell like one too. Gel pencils are usually sharp and darker than most other types of eyeliners.

Pros & Cons: It gets dry quickly, and you can apply it easily. It also gives you sharp strokes to experiment with different looks.

Expensive than most eyeliners, the felt pen dries up if not appropriately capped and loses its effect.

Eyeliners according to your eye shape

Almond eyes:

One thing for sure, if you have almond eyes, it can pull off almost every liner look! Of course, the winged eyeliner is a crowd favourite for this eye shape. Pick a creamer liner & trace the natural eye look with a thin line. Then, intensify the application at the outer corners, and you are ready for the day.

Hooded eyes:

Applying makeup on the hooded eye shape is not very difficult. There are plenty of liner looks that look flattering on hooded eyes. In addition, you can go for a thicker line towards the outer corners. Whereas a thicker, winged look accentuates this eye shape the most in terms of a cat-eye.

Round eyes:

Round eyes are child-like and beautiful! If you have round eyes, you should aim to elongate them slightly to make them look dazzlingly appealing:

  1. Apply the liner to the outer corners of your eyes to make them pop and elongate them slightly.
  2. Create a thin line in the inner corners and a thick line on the outer corners.
  3. For a more dramatic look, smudge the liner among your upper and lower last lines.

Downturned eyes:

To work with downturned eyes, you need to know how to accentuate their uniqueness. True to the name, these eye-types have a downward tilt at the outer corners. To flatter this eye shape, you need to create an illusion of a lifted, open look. Start drawing the line at the middle and extend it at the outer corners with an upward stroke. Thinner to thicker should be the stroke. Next, play with the eyeliner shades that match the iris of the eyes. Pay attention to your eyebrows as a mild arch suit these eye types. Liquid eyeliner can be an excellent choice to perfect this half-winged look.


The crease is very narrow for monolids. The problem is not having enough space to play around with the liners. But you can experiment quite a bit with this eye shape. The best part about monolids is that it gives you that freedom to play along with your liner, especially with a cat liner & a fox-eye look. However, the trick is to draw thin and bold lines always. These two looks look stunning on monolids. A liquid liner or gel pen can be perfect for this eye shape.

Close-set eyes:

When you have small, close-set eyes, your goal is to make them look larger. A double-winged eyeliner is absolutely a perfect look for a close-set eye look. You can also create a dramatic look, and it’ll make your eyes look attractive and more prominent. A deep & long-lasting eyeliner will be the right choice for this eye shape.

Eyeliners can do wonders for your makeup looks. It not only enhances your eye makeup but can also change your complete makeup look. You can create a confident look, a cute look, a sexy and a bold look or a simple natural look according to your mood. There are endless types of eyeliners that come in different shades and textures.

You can also play with different colours according to your eye colour. For example, with an Indian skin tone, a regular dark jet black eyeliner can never go wrong. It enhances the natural colour of your eyes. All you need is a perfect eyeliner that will go with your daily looks.

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