Top 10 Teddy Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend and Wife

by Carter Toni

When words become less to express your feeling then come teddies who will magically express your emotions. The market is flooded with various options, decide it emotionally and you will get what you want. Expression Teddy, Love Expression, Surprise Teddy, Hugging Teddy,; the list is endless. You name your expression and the market will have a teddy in accordance to your emotion. We have certain options for you to share your love with your wife and girlfriend that are as follows.

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1. Expression of feeling becomes very tough but the teddy magic love box will share your emotions with your loved one. Red colored fancy heart in a box filled with dark chocolate and pink and red cupid teddy is enough for sharing your emotions.

2. Love expression pink in color extra-soft teddy says loudly that you love your wife very much. A Bunch of red roses will create magic on the occasion. Filled with non-toxic fiber wrapped with soft non-allergic stuff the extra soft big size teddy will remain in my heart for a long time.

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3. Surprise teddy will surprise your wife and she will start recollecting about the importance of the day. And when she gets to know that it is just to surprise you. A White and purple in color combo teddy will share your feelings and will successfully explain how special she is in your life.

4. Hugging Teddies are very essential in our daily life, hugging has a healing and health benefit, and when you hug somebody it reduces stress from your body. And when you hug what you love most is that you feel fresh in your feelings. The size of this teddy depends on the physical appearance of the person you want to give it to.

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5. A Teddy Bouquet is the perfect gift for your girlfriend’s birthday. Surprise with a cute little bunch of teddy warped like a flower bouquet. You can either go for same looking cuties or create rainbow color teddy bouquet to express your love and emotions

6. You always want to express your feelings in a bigger way. Jumbo Teddy will help you do this, this Jumbo size teddy also comes in many colors and designs. Advisable to go for branded one with all required safety marks.

7. Pom Pom Teddy will help you to express your emotion on valentine’s day. Pinky, soft tiny teddy is made up of various materials and even with wool. Stuffed with non-toxic anti-allergic material wrapped with soft fabric and stitched with wool gives a real Pom Pom.

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8. Heart-shaped red colored soft pillows and two contrast colored teddies on either side will express your feelings in a very romantic way to your girlfriend.

9. Teddy car key chain, office cupboard key chain with teddy, teddy for girlfriends ladies purse, teddy pen stand these are teddies that will express your emotions and feelings throughout the day to your girlfriend.

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10. Teddy head bathroom robe, teddy slipper, and others very fancy and fashionable to use. Gifting these bathing items will be loved by your girlfriend.

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