What To Expect During Engagement Ring Shopping

by Carter Toni

Shopping for an engagement ring is an exciting moment in your life. You’ve decided to ask one of life’s most significant questions to your partner, and now you must choose the ideal ring to ask that beautiful question. This job may appear intimidating at first particularly if you have never purchased a lovely ring or diamonds before. There are so many alternatives to think about that it may be difficult to know where to start! At Finer Jewelry, you will get a mesmerizing collection of engagement rings and custom jewelry services too.

Select Your Stone

Engagement rings traditionally feature a stunning central diamond. Unique gemstones, such as birthstones, have also taken a place instead of diamonds as engagement ring stones over time. Finding out what stone your significant other likes can help you limit down your options when it comes to selecting the style, carat size, setting, and other essential factors.


An engagement ring is a one-of-a-kind expression for your love of life. Because there are so many various types, it’s crucial to figure out which one your soon-to-be fiance prefers. Each style or cut has a different price tag. This offers you the freedom to discover what designs and sizes are compatible with your budget and preferences. Solitaire ring, halo engagement ring, pave style ring, are some of the famous styles of rings. For an amazing collection of Engagement Rings In Phoenix, visit Finer Jewelry. Our artisans will understand your choices and will help you accordingly.


When buying a diamond or gemstone ring, color is very essential. A diamond’s hue can range from slightly yellow to completely clear, even fancy color diamonds are also available. A letter scale is used to grade the hue of a diamond. The higher the letter of the alphabet on a diamond, the more colorless it is. The scale goes down the more yellow-tinted diamonds are. While a diamond with a clear appearance is excellent, it might be the most costly. Either you want transparent bright diamonds or a fancy colored diamond our experts will help you to choose an ideal one.


Carat size is another aspect to consider when choosing your center stone. You may prefer a higher or lower carat size depending on the aforementioned considerations. A diamond’s carat size is a measurement of its weight, therefore a bigger diamond will have a greater carat size. Carat size also depends on the type of ring. If you’re going for a solitaire ring then a bigger diamond is ideal and for a pave ring smaller diamonds are preferable. Expect your jewelry to give you a brief guide and knowledge about engagement rings before you purchase it.


Engagement rings have traditionally been fashioned of yellow gold, white gold, silver, or platinum however, rose gold has arisen as a new, modern option in recent years. While platinum has a similar appearance to silver, it is much more costly due to its higher density and it is getting more popularity than silver. Some metals damage more easily than others, so think about your lifestyle as well as your budget before choosing how essential metals are in the end. You should consider your partner’s daily schedule before choosing a metal.

Get The Right Size

It is obvious, but make sure you both measure your ring fingers. You don’t want a ring that’s too tight or, even worse, one that’s loose enough to come off. It should be tight, yet not severely tight. You can casually ask your partner for the size if it’s a secret, ask his/her best friend to do the job, and keep it a secret for you, either way, you will get to know a perfect size. If you are unsure about the size, find the jeweler who can resize it for you.

Know the 4Cs

If you’re like the majority of people, you’ll want to learn about the 4Cs before purchasing a diamond engagement ring. A diamond’s quality is graded using the 4Cs. Here’s a quick guide to 4Cs:

Cut: The quality of a diamond’s cut determines how well it captures light.

Color: A measurement of a white diamond’s transparency.

Clarity: It is a measurement of a diamond’s internal and outward flawlessness.

Carat: A weight measurement that may be used to estimate the size of a diamond.


Buy an engagement ring from a certified jeweler. Many diamonds have inclusions too, so be sure you are paying the amount for that diamond engagement ring only; it’ll be much obvious if that diamond will be certified.

You can always go for custom engagement rings if you are confused about styles. At Finer Jewelry, our experts will understand your daily routine and your choices before helping you with the designing part of your engagement ring. Trust us for your custom jewelry.

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