5 secrets for planning the perfect wedding

by Carter Toni

Weddings are wonderful occasions, which many married couples believe to be the best day of their entire lives. However, if you are preparing for your own wedding, then you will be anxious to nail it.

When you have been looking forward to this day for your entire life, there simply isn’t room for you to mess up or get it totally wrong. Not only will you have to be center stage on your wedding day, but you will likely revisit it at a later date thanks to wedding videos and photos.

To avoid this, and to help you with these difficult decisions, here are five secrets for planning the perfect wedding:

It’s a good idea to make it as sustainable as possible

As the world becomes more conscious of its environmental impact, you may want to do your bit by ensuring your wedding is environmentally friendly. This could mean that you use recyclable materials for items like invitation cards, and minimize waste by cutting down on plastic and electricity use.

You might also want to cut the portion sizes down if you are having a celebration lunch, to make sure no food goes to waste.

Here is a guide for a sustainable wedding.

Only invite who you want to invite, rather than who you think you should invite

One of the hardest parts of planning a wedding is choosing who to invite. This is not as easy as you might think at first, because there are bound to be people who you feel obligated to invite, but don’t really want there.

Intra-family and friend politics are complicated, and if you don’t get on with certain individuals, then their presence might spoil the day for you.

Don’t listen to family members who pressure you into inviting certain people just because it looks good or it is out of courtesy, if you don’t want them to be there. It is your wedding, not theirs, so don’t be afraid to put your foot down.

Similarly, just because it is a wedding, it doesn’t mean the whole world needs to be invited. Often, smaller and more private affairs are more enjoyable, because everyone knows and likes each other.

Include your partner’s opinions

Crucially, you need to include your partner on all wedding decisions. You might have a clear picture of what you want the occasion to be like, but they will have their own ideas, so ask for their opinion and work to find a compromise.

After all, you don’t want to fall out before you’ve even tied the knot.

You could be creative with the location

The location of your wedding may define the entire experience, so take some time to narrow down a shortlist of potential places.

The type of location you choose will be down to your tastes, but you shouldn’t be afraid to get creative with your choice, such as hosting it on a cliff-top, on a beach or in a barn. Not only are these imaginative choices, they are likely to be cheaper than a church or hotel.

The ‘perfect’ wedding doesn’t warrant becoming a control freak

Lastly, you need to remember that, while your wedding day is (hopefully) a once in a lifetime event, you shouldn’t aim for every detail to be exquisite at all times. This will quickly become an obsession, as you try and force everyone to enjoy themselves, for the food to be perfect for everyone, and the location to be spotless.

A perfect wedding isn’t about chasing literal perfection, it is about having an enjoyable time with the people you love as you celebrate the next chapter of your life.

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