Guide to Choose the Best Materials for Patio Furniture Covers

by Carter Toni

Patio furniture items can turn a simple backyard into a much more comfortable space. If arranged correctly, patio furniture items can quickly boost the aesthetics of your backyard.

Just like other people, if you leave your patio furniture items outdoor throughout the years, your furniture will be damaged as they have to withstand constant exposure to rain, sun, wind, and snow. Without proper protection, the sunray will fade the patio furniture items whereas other elements can damage the internal structure of the furniture. Additionally, remember that repairing patio furniture is an expensive task.

Hence, it’s very important to take care of and maintain your patio furniture properly so that you can extend its longevity and durability. Even though patio furniture items can withstand harsh weather conditions, using proper patio furniture covers will help you to minimize the damages.

As patio furniture covers are worth the investment, you should know about their materials. In this article, we will discuss some topics that will help you to choose the best material for your patio furniture covers.

Water Resistance

If you’re searching for one of the best materials for your patio furniture covers, you should consider polyester. This material is extremely durable and strong and capable of protecting your patio furniture items from snow or rain damages. As per Augusta sportswear, polyester is considered water-resistant.

There are tons of patio furniture covers available in the markets that are water-resistant. But, if you want to prevent possible water damage, you should consider polyester as the material for your furniture cover. Not only will they protect your furniture sets from water damage but also UV-ray damages.


The proper and accurate weight of the material is another thing you need to consider while searching for patio furniture covers. If your patio furniture covers are crafted from flimsy material, they won’t prove useful against wind or rain. Additionally, the ice and snow can also get through the covers easily and it will ultimately damage the integrity of the furniture sets.

Other covers might look extremely bulky or heavy. This will complicate the cover and uncover process. Additionally, heavy covers will take a massive amount of space. Polyester is a material that has ideal weight and is durable enough to protect your furniture. Additionally, unlike other cheap patio furniture covers, they won’t blow away with the wind.


Remember that breathability is one of the most important factors of patio furniture covers. If the material is unable to breathe, the air inside the cover will become musty and dry. When this happens, the material of the furniture will also start smelling musty. And the odor is so strong that you cannot avoid it. Additionally, a non-breathable cover will create the perfect space for mildew or mold to grow. They can also grow under the cover.

Even though durable and strong material for patio furniture covers is required to prevent the effects of cold and moist weather, it should also have perfect ventilation so that you can prevent negative effects on the furniture.


These are the factors you should remember while choosing the perfect material for your patio furniture covers. No matter how good material you choose, you need to clean them once or twice a week. Do you have any questions? Comment below to let us know.

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