15 Products that For Lazy Person’s

by Carter Toni

1. The Tablet Holder with 360 rotation and Xtoretm New Universal Mobile Phone Holder @ Rs.589 with Adjustable Clip Height

Tablet Holder with 360 rotation

(Image: © Xtoretm / Amazon)

2. The Fastest, safest and easiest Multipurpose Vegetable and Fruit Chopper cutter and slicer @ Rs.537

vegetable and fruit chopper

(Image: © Ganesh Multipurpose / Amazon)

3. The Ganesh Slicer for chips Fruit and Vegetable cutter in 2 different colours at Rs.118

Multipurpose Vegetable and Fruit Chopper

(Image: © Ganesh Potato / Amazon)

4. The iRobot floor cleaning robot at Rs.24, 900 in white colour cleans the entire house without lift a muscle.

iRobot floor cleaning robot

(Image: © iRobot / Amazon)

5. The BigSize easy rice strainer and washing bowl to save your time @ Rs.248

BigSize easy rice strainer

(Image: © MosQuick® / Amazon)

6. The Self-Stirring mug with Stainless mixing cup Blender at Rs.236.

Self-Stirring mug

(Image: © Basethings Automatic / Amazon)

7. The Amazon Echo Dot with New and improved smart speaker with Alexa in Black at @Rs.2,449.

Amazon Echo Dot

(Image: © Amazon)

8. The Stainless Steel Handy Back Scratcher Massager at Rs.118 with an attractive and durable multicolour stick.

Back Scratcher

(Image: © Tim Hawk / Amazon)

9. The High Definition Horizontal lazy Glasses for stress-free reading experience @ Rs.390.

lazy Glasses

(Image: © Iktu / Amazon)

10. The Stainless Blades corn Remover Cutter Peeler at Rs.295; you must have in the kitchen.

kernel seed remover

(Image: © SADVIDHYA / Amazon)

11. The Multi-Purpose Laptop Table/Study Table/ Bed Table/ Ergonomic and Rounded Edges at Rs.879

Laptop Table

(Image: © MemeHo® / Amazon)

12. The Smart Bulb with changeable smart Light 7W B22 LED, which is controlled and compatible from your phone at Rs.599

smart Light 7W B22 LED

(Image: © Wipro / Amazon)

13. The Transparent and Silver Grey Egg Boiler at Rs.949 with instant Boiler 360-Watt.

Egg Boiler

(Image: © Kent Instant / Amazon)


14. The Microfiber Men’s Slipper for floor cleaning, Multi-Surface Cleaner, dust Cleaning Tool in different size and color at Rs.887 

Slipper Genie Microfiber Men's Slippers

(Image: © Genie Microfiber / Amazon)

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