12 Affordable Cushion Covers to Add Colors to Your Home During this Diwali Festival

by Carter Toni

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Cushions are integral parts of your home, both in the living room and in the bed rooms. Cushion covers play an important part in brightening up your home, by adding colors and vibrancy to your cushions, placed on your sofas, chairs, divan and may be on your beds. This in turn, adds light and color to the entire atmosphere of your home, making it cheerful and happy.

Decorative Handmade Jute Traditional Cushion Covers

Traditional Cushion Cover

(Image: © AEROHAVEN / Amazon)

These cushion covers have the medieval pictures, from the Mughal and Rajput era, printed on them. These cushions add glamour with glory to your home, with the Rajasthani artwork on the cushion covers. Very colorful and reminding of the glorious past of India.

These are Aerohaven set of 5 decorative handmade Jute traditional Throw or Pillow cushion covers, size 16×16 inches, costing Rs 379 to you.

Swasiya Jute Multicolor Cushion Cover

Swasiya Jute Cushion Cover

These cushions covers exhibit an unexpected amount of vibrancy and adds vibrant colors to any room of your house.

This is asset of 5 cushion covers made of Jute, with premium smooth fabric texture. They are easy to insert and remove, size 16×16 inches, to add glamour to your personal area. This set costs you just Rs 307/.

Stitchnest Ethnic Flowers Teal Printed Canvas Cotton Cushion Covers

This set of cushion covers will give your rooms a simplistic and sleek look. These covers are made of Microfiber canvas cotton and are completely color fast. Square shaped cushion covers, size 16×16 inches.

This set of 5 cushion covers cost Rs 549/- and are real long lasting covers with flap closure style.   

Velvet Floral Multicolor decorative designer digital Print Cushion Covers

15 Cushion Covers

These aesthetically pleasing to look at cushion covers are simple yet dazzling. Coming in Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Off White, Orange and Red, in fine premium soft velvet with HD 3D digital print and back fabric is premium Dupion Silk.

Size 16×16 inches, square shaped, set of 5 covers costing Rs 425/ only.

Swasiya Jute Multicolor cushion covers

Jute Cushion Cover

(Image: © swasiya ™ / Amazon)

This set of 5 cushion covers are indeed giving a calming and tranquilling effect in mind. Simultaneously, these also give an energizing effect to your home. Bright and vibrant colors in cushion designs, giving elegance, sophistication and style to your home decor.

These covers have premium smooth fabric texture, allowing easy insertion and removal of the covers. Size 16×16 inches, square in shape, costing Rs 329/-.

Swasiya Jute Printed Decorative Sofa cushion covers

Decorative Cushion Cover

(Image: © TIED RIBBONS / Amazon)

These are adorable sofa cushion covers, designed to make you smile, every time you look at them. Made of Jute with premium smooth fabric texture, perfect for your personal space in your home, study room, living room and car backseats. These covers are designed to infuse energy into your areas.

Size 16×16 inches, square shape and asset of 5 covers costs you Rs 399 only.

B 7 Creations Digital Printed Cushion Covers

Digital Printed Jute Cushion Cover

(Image: © b7 CREATIONS / Amazon)

These cushion covers give a bit of 3 D effect that is designed to make the heads of onlookers turn. These coves are digitally printed with High Definition quality, in vibrant designs with rich and sharp colors. This set has excellent washing fastness.

These covers are made of superior fabrics, both front and back. These covers have elegant zipper closure features at back, giving a neat look.  A set of 5 covers, size 16×16 inches, costing Rs 499/.

Stitchnest Jute Indian Traditional Dance Bharatnatyam Printed Brown Cushion Covers

Bharatnatyam Traditional Dance Printed Cushion Cover

(Image: © STITCHNEST / Amazon)

These cushion covers create a striking contrast against any plain surface with these cushion covers, which are ethnic themed. A set of 5 covers of size 12×12 inches, made of high quality jute fabric cushion covers. These are very comfortable and durable. The patterns are designed by professional designers.

Cushion covers with strong decoration function at home, in different rooms, on sofa or couch or chair and window seat, for cars, offices and coffee shops etc. These are costing you Rs 349/ only.

Aerohaven Decorative Handmade Jute Throw or Pillow Cushion Covers

Hand Made Jute Pillow Cushion Cover

(Image: © AEROHAVEN / Amazon)

These are stunning looking cushion covers. The design strikes a balance between ethnic looks and modern designs. These covers are made of fine premium jute is printed with HD digital printing. These covers are closed by zipper on the back of the covers, giving it a neat look.

A set of 5 cushion covers, size 16×16 inches and costing you Rs 370/ only

Tied Ribbons Printed Decorative Cushion Covers

A set of 5 cushion covers, these covers are ideal for coffee chairs, sofa, bedroom, living room and backseat of your car.

These cushion covers are minimalistic with size 12×12 inches. They will motivate you with important quotes. Simple yet elegant designed decorative cushion covers are costing you just Rs 399/- only.

Modern Homes Cotton Designer Decorative Throw Pillow covers/Cushion Covers


(Image: © MODERN HOMES / Amazon)

This set of 5 cushions or pillow covers are in Navy Blue and White color, with assize of 16×16 inches each cover. It is having different patterns on every cover. These covers are made of 100% cotton fabric.

This set of cushion covers is costing Rs 699/ only.

Story@Home White Premium Printed Cushion Covers

Premium Printed Cushion Cover

(Image: © Story@Home / Amazon)

Beautifully and elegantly printed cushion covers Gray or Black pattern on White background. A set of 5 cushion covers, made of pure cotton material. Size16x16 inches.

This set costs Rs 399/ only during this festive season.

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