Your Adulting Way Made Easier by 15 Unique Gadgets

by Pinaki Munshi

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Temperature Controlling Ceramic Mug

Are you tired of reheating your cup of coffee you forget to drink because of your busy schedule? The solution is here. Your this Temperature Controlling Ceramic Cup takes care of your coffee for you. You need to connect this cup with phone and your coffee will remain hot at the temperature you want and for as long as you want.

Temperature Controlling Ceramic Mug

(Image: © Ember / Amazon)

This cup is operated by your Android 4.4 plus and iOS 8.0 plus operating systems. You can choose your personalized LED color. You can also choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit. This cup will cost you Rs 12,819 only.

LED Night Bedroom Lamp with Dual Sockets for USB Phone charging

If you are in need of multiple sockets and do not have one, this is the perfect gadget for you. This lamp can charge two devices simultaneously and gives a warm and soft white light.

LED Night Bedroom Lamp

(Image: © HOME CUBE / Amazon)

This is a perfect lamp gadget for your bedroom, bathroom, hallways, kitchen and living room. You can use this lamp in your dark stairways, balcony warehouses or even in outdoors also. You can charge your two devices at the same time, your mobile phone, iphone, tablet, mp3 and so many other devices.

This lamp comes with three light modes, on/off/auto. If you put this light on auto mode, its sensors will switch on the light automatically at the time of darkness setting in. This lamp costs you Rs 525 only.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Robotic Smart App Control

No more tiresome apartment sweeping for you. You can quit worrying about reaching to the hard to reach corners or other places of your apartment. This robotic vacuum cleaner will do the cleaning for you, without your moving a finger.

Vacuum Cleaner

(Image: © Ecovacs / Amazon)

This cleaner has great suction power and can pick up stubborn dirt easily in its Max mode, to give your apartment an intense, deep cleaning. This cleaner never collides with objects in your apartment, because of its sensors.

This Robotic Cleaner has three modes, Auto for general cleaning, Edge for cleaning the edges and Spot for intense cleaning on a spot. You can control the cleaner with your app or dialoguing with Alexa and Google Home Devices. This Robotic Cleaner is yours for Rs 14,900 only.

50 Kg Portable Electronic Digital Hanging Weighing Scale

You can now be sure of the weight of your luggage. You can also use it to weigh your scrap materials to be sold or your kitchen items.

Digital Hanging Weighing Scale

(Image: © WeiHeng / Amazon)

It is a useful tool for your home and workplace. You can carry it in your travels and outdoor excursions. It has a steel hook with automatic reading hold large LCD display with backup light. This gadget will cost you Rs 301 only.

Portable Facial and Garment Fabric Steamer Iron, for clothes and face

All your tasks requiring steam is taken care by this gadget. You can iron your garments to an unwrinkled and fine finish and you can also take steam on your face at your leisure time with this powerful portable steamer.

Facial and Garment Fabric Steamer

(Image: © Shree krishna / Amazon)

It is an easy to use gadget that heats up fast. Every type of fabric can be ironed with this safe and gentle steamer iron. It is compact and is ideal for both travel and indoors, may be at your home or in your office.

It has one easy to fill water tank with a convenient easy to view water level window. You can have this steamer iron just for Rs 749 only.

Portable Rewritable LCD E Writing Pad, Digital Notepad for your drawings and handwritten notes

This rewritable E writing pad comes with a stylus. You can do any of your writing work for umpteen times on this E notepad. Its size is 12 inches and is pressure sensitive writing pad.

LCD E Writing Pad

(Image: © HOPZ / Amazon)

You can erase anything written on this pad with just a touch of a button. It is made of durable plastic materials and is absolutely safe for use in schools, colleges, at home or in office. This notepad does not give any flickering lights to harm your eyes.

This E Notepad is yours for Rs 988 only.

Fruit Infuser pitcher Cold Brew Coffee maker

It is a large 1300 ml infusion pitcher, which is made of food safe, BPA free plastic. This is a light and durable jug. You can make richer, smoother, less acidic cold coffee with this Coffee maker.

Infuser pitcher Cold Brew Coffee

(Image: © InstaCuppa / Amazon)

This has a multipurpose design, having a jug fitted with a mesh infuser for fast and easy infusion of fruits and vegetables etc. This structure is easy to clean since it has a removable cap. You can dissemble the entire brewer and clean it thoroughly in less than a minute. This jug is also dishwasher safe with one year warranty.

You can have it for Rs 999 only.

Touch screen Enabler for your Laptops

You can turn your system into a touch screen device by simply plugging it in this adapter. You have to attach the AirBar with the included magnets to the bottom of your screen and plug in the USB cord.

Touch screen

(Image: © Neonode AirBar / Amazon)

It is highly compatible with any 15.6 inches non touch Laptop device that runs on Windows 10 operating system. You can touch your screen with any object, your finger, a paintbrush, a glove, and stylus or with any other similar objects, to make it work.

This gadget will cost you Rs 10,194 only.

Sleeping Eye Mask with Inbuilt Bluetooth Sleep Headphones for side sleepers

Bluetooth Stereo Sound with Speakers that do not jab into your ears, giving true HD HIFI sound with latest Bluetooth technology. It has a play time for more than 9 hours and is washable. This gadget has built in high performance battery that charges in about One hour.

sleep mask

(Image: © MMUSS / Amazon)

Ideal gadget for your sleep at home or during travel. It shuts off light after 3 minutes automatically, after you place the Bluetooth headphones. The size of speakers is adjustable and it has upgraded control buttons. This gadget costs you Rs 5,347.10 only.

Key Finder/Phone Finder

Are you tired of losing your keys or your mobile phone device and then spend hours looking for them? It has a small Bluetooth tracker and loops easily on keychain or attaches with anything you keep on losing and want to find it fast.

Phone Finder

(Image: © Tile Mate / Amazon)

You can use your smart phone to make this gadget ring. You can double press the button on this Phone finder and it will make your phone ring.

It is an easy to use free app that remembers where you saw your finder last time. You know where to look for it, in case you cannot find it.

This is a gadget that will cost you Rs 3051 only.

Automatic Hand free wall mounted Toothpaste Dispenser

A friendly gadget for you that saves your time and keeps your bathroom from getting messy. It is a toothpaste dispenser squeezer with a multifunctional five hole detachable toothbrush holder. It comes in standard or in multicolor.

Hand free wall mounted Toothpaste

(Image: © SHOPPOSTREET / Amazon)

It uses a vertical space in your bathroom. It is an easy to install gadget that can be mounted on the wall or on the mirror. It is a squeezer pump that works on vacuum technology and delivers adequate amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush, without any waste.

This dispenser is yours for Rs 319 only.

White Wake up Light from Phillips

If you are really fed up of your alarm clock going off in a shrill ring or your mobile phone is ringing constantly to wake you up at an odd hour and you would like to smash them both on the wall, it is the gadget for you.

Wake up Light

(Image: © Philips / Amazon)

It gives you a quiet white light at the time you want to get up and it wakes you up peacefully with its gentle white light. This light will cost you Rs 7519.00 only.

Bluetooth Stereo Audio Receiver with adapter connector and Mike for wireless Music and Hand free call

This gadget is loaded with advanced CSR Qualcomm Bluetooth and a highly sensitive mike for high quality music and hand free calls. It makes your car stereo, headset, speakers or your home theatre Bluetooth enabled and wireless. You just have to plug in the adapter and pair it with your phone. It has advanced sensor for pairing and reconnection and has 12 hours long playtime. It works also while charging.

Bluetooth Stereo Audio Receiver

(Image: © Musesonic / Amazon)

This is for you for just Rs 876 only.

Outdoor Binocular for long distance viewing with black pouch

A Clear vision long distance viewing binoculars for you, in your outdoor trips. A nice black leather pouch to carry it, for you. It is built with standard tripod screw. It has a large smooth central focus wheel that gives adjustable inter papillary distance to make the binocular easy to focus on the target and bring the subject so close that you can see the finest details.

long distance viewing

(Image: © Kurtzy / Amazon)

This binocular with black leather pouch is for you for Rs 1,349 only.

DFS Five in Multipurpose Antenna pen

It has torch, laser, pointer magnet and a pen, all clubbed in one. A 5 in 1 function pen comes with free cells in the pack. This pen has a three months warranty. Unique utility item for you to use at home or in your office conferences or teaching in classes

Multipurpose Antenna pen

(Image: © DFS / Amazon)

This 5 in 1 pen is for you for just Rs 189.00 only.

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