15 Out of the World Offers as Adorable Regular Diwali Gifts

by Carter Toni

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These special Diwali gifts are so different and adorable that all your friends and family will treasure these contemporary variations of their all time favorite Diwali gifts, from you.

We expect that all these products, which are recommended by us, meet with your approval and quality expectations. We may have a share of monetary compensations and from sales, from all the links on this page. We provide you the accurate prices and all items displayed here are currently in stock.

1. Excellent news for makeup lovers, Miss Claire Ultra Glow Eye Shadow Palette 01, costing just Rs 395, contains 16 well pigmented festive and neutral shades, which can be put on by your loved ones, all the year round.

Glow Eyeshadow Palette 1

(Image: © Miss Claire / Via Amazon)

2. Do you love gifting cutlery to your beloved ones, who are cutlery lovers? You have these beautiful gold Stainless Steel Straws for Rs 399 only, to be gifted to someone you love. It is an eco friendly and royal looking drink wares to their cutlery collection, which is available, both in straight and bent style. It has a range of colors; those are ranging from Gold, Silver, Black and Rainbow.

Set 6 Stainless Steel Straws

(Image: © WINKEL / Via Amazon)

3. It is the wonderful Kama Ayurveda Face Care Box for Men, just for Rs 650, for the real important man in your life. This kit contains a Himalayan Deodar Face Cleanser and a Pure Vetiver Water Spray to keep his skin toned, cleansed, hydrated and to look fresh.

Kama Ayurveda Face Care Box for Men

(Image: © Kama Ayurveda / Via Amazon)

4. You can pleasantly surprise your nuts loving friends and family members by gifting them the delicious nut and seed butter from Jus’ Amazin. These products are dairy free and are made of hundred percent organic ingredients, including the natural sugar. Cashew Butter in Salted Caramel, costing Rs 450 is for sweet lovers. Peanut Butter Choco Delight, costing Rs 220 or the Almond Butter Dark Choco for Rs 299, is for your chocolate crazy friends. Seed Butter for Rs 275 or Cashew Butter in Punchy Pepper for Rs 450 is the savory treats for your family and friends. All these are available in different sizes pickings.

Cashew Butter in Salted Caramel

(Image: © Amazon)

5. Telconi Mega Bar Set, for just Rs 2999, is the ideal gift for your drinks and mixology loving friends and family members. You can also gift this budget friendly and high quality option of a sleek and timeless Dynore Stainless Steel Hip Flask, costing Rs 296, to them.

Telconi Bar Accessories

(Image: © Telconi / Amazon)

6. Your friends and family members, having a sweet tooth, will be real delighted to have this Honey Bliss Gift Hamper for just Rs 495, from you. Every pack contains four flavors of natural honey. These flavors are Forest, Acacia, Eucalyptus and Ajwain. These are all jellied in a pinewood box.

Honey Bliss Gift Hamper

(Image: © The Honey Shop / Amazon)

7. For the Skin care and self care conscious friends and family members, you can gift them the Soulflower Handmade Soap that costs just Rs 249. It is heavenly smelling, free of synthetic colors and artificial fragrance, rich in vitamins and is fully vegan. This soap is available in 20 different formulations to suit everyone’s individual needs.

Soulflower Handmade Soap

(Image: © Soulflower / Amazon)

8. Hydration is the most practical and high utility gift for your loved ones. Gift them the Evergrow Copper Bottle, costing Rs 500 only, which is made of high quality pure copper, is absolutely leak proof, long lasting, eco friendly, having a distinctive hammered design and is an ideal gift for travelling.

Evergrow Copper Bottle

(Image: © Evergrow / Amazon)

9. Is your friend a Diya lover? Your friend or family member will simply love this pretty Pure Source Aroma Set, costing just Rs 309. It has Lemon Grass Aroma Oil and Four Tea Light Candles.

Pure Source Aroma Set

(Image: © Pure Source / Amazon)

10 Your tea lover friends or family will be delighted to have this collection of Indian Chai, which is an herbal tea, free of caffeine. The products are Rose Petals for Rs 275, Peppermint Leaves for Rs 275, Hibiscus Flower for Rs 275 and Lemongrass Leaves for Rs 375. They will also adore the Indian Chai- Wonderful Tea Gift Box, just for Rs 899, which has six different varieties of Chocolate tea with varying levels of caffeine.

Rose Petals for Rs 275

(Image: © Indian Chai / Amazon)

11 Ever think of gifting the Kirwin 46 varieties of Quality Seeds, which costs you Rs 299 only, to your loved ones, instead of gifting them flowers? This will let your loved one plant their own organic and hybrid fruit and vegetable patch at home. This gift pack also contains an instruction manual.

Kirwin 46 varieties of Quality Seeds

(Image: © Kriwin / Amazon)

12 The Saregama Carvaan Portable Digital Music Player, that costs you just Rs 5815, will make your music lover friend’s life and the festival musically delightful. This player is USB and Bluetooth enabled and is available in a range of colors, with or without the applications. This music player is pre loaded with 5000 evergreen Hindi songs from legends such as Mohd Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeskar or Asha Bhonsle etc.

Saregama Carvaan Portable Digital Music Player

(Image: © Saregama / Amazon)

13. Hide and Skin Diwali Gift Hampers for your loved ones, costing you just Rs 749, to make them happy. These contain Classic Navy Unisex Leather Card Holder and Multi Color led Light Combo Gift Set for your beloved ones.

Hide and Skin Diwali Gift Hampers

(Image: © HIDE & SKIN / Amazon)

14. You can gift WildHorn Men’s Blue Wallet Combo set to your male friend, for a Happy Diwali, which costs you just Rs 799. It has leather made men’s wallet of blue color, with a matching key chain for his car keys and a beautiful jotter pen for him.

WildHorn Men’s Blue Wallet Combo set

(Image: © WildHorn / Amazon)

15.  Would you love to gift chocolates to your family and friends this Diwali? Try Ghasitaram Gifts Diwali Chocolate Set for them that cost you Rs 437 only.

Ghasitaram Gifts Diwali Chocolate Set

(Image: © Ghasitaram / Amazon)

It is a two part pink Chocolate Box. It is an absolutely vegetarian product. It is a box of delicious chocolates for your loved ones. These chocolates do not have any preservatives added to them. Exotic Chocolate gift pack to make your Diwali gift a sweet treat for all. This gift set is having a special Gel Ice Pack, for packaging, for safe transit.

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