Well Groomed Essentials for Every Man

by Pinaki Munshi

Grooming makes you the man you want to be

We sincerely hope that you really like the products recommended by us here. For your information, BuzRush may collect a share of sales or any other revenue generated from the links on this page. The prices mentioned here are accurate and items are in stock at the time of publication.

Axe Men’s Grooming Kit

This kit comes with a free travel pouch for you. This pouch contains a 122 ml Body Perfume (Mysterious) for you, with one 150 ml pack Dark Temptation Deodorant, one 78 gm Signature Denim Shaving Cream, and One 50 ml pack of Denim After Shave Lotion.

Axe Men’s Grooming Kit

(Image: © Axe / Amazon)

This kit costs you Rs 433, to you, to keep you ready on the go.

Bryan and Candy New York Ultimate Luxury Set

Bryan and Candy New York

(Image: © Bryan & Candy / Amazon)

It is a pocket friendly Diwali Treat for you. This set offers a 100 ml pack of Hair and Body Wash, 100 ml pack of Shower Gel, 50 ml pack of Face Wash, and 50 ml pack of After Shave Balm, to you.

This set will cost you Rs 945 only, to give you a bang on freshness.

Phillips Beard Trimmer

Phillips Beard Trimmer

(Image: © Philips / Amazon)

It is a cordless and rechargeable, easy to use beard trimmer and is perfect for you in your residence and while you travel. This trimmer costs you Rs 1,099 only. You can have a 45 minutes long use after 10 hours of charging. This trimmer has long lasting performance 2 plus 1 year warranty after registration, having skin friendly blades with rounded tips to prevent irritation.

The Man Company Strong Hold Pomade-Sportivo

The Man Company Strong hold Pomade- Sportivo

(Image: © The Man Company / Amazon)

It moisturizes and softens your hair. It is water soluble and is free of Petroleum Jelly and comes in a pack of 100 gm. This pack costs you Rs 297 only. It gives your hair ultra shine and is best for club wear and Outdoors and Parties.


(Image: © The Man Company / Amazon)

The Man Company Charcoal Power Pack

Charcoal Power Pack Gift Sets

(Image: © The Man Company / Amazon)

It is the perfect skin care set of products for you. It contains Natural Hand Made Charcoal Soap Bar, a100 gm pack of Charcoal Peel off Mask with Moringa and Gooseberry, a 100 ml pack of Charcoal Face wash with Ylang, Ylang and Argon, a 100 gm pack of Charcoal Face Scrub with Lemongrass and Eucalyptus.

This set costs you Rs 1038 only.

Phillips Shower proof Body Groomer

howerproof Body Groomer for Men

(Image: © Philips / Amazon)

It is to take care of all your manscaping needs. It includes 1 3AA batteries. This kit will cost you Rs 1199 only. This is for your entire body areas, including sensitive areas. There is no need to replace blades. This has a bi directional trimmer and a comb, to catch and cut hairs growing in any direction.

Bombay Shaving Company Beard Care Starter Kit

Beard Care Starter Kit

(Image: © Bombay Shaving Company / Amazon)

It is your best friend during your No Shave months. This set contains a 8 ml pack of Beard Growth Oil, a 20 ml pack of Beard Shampoo and Conditioner (Wood Scented), a 8 ml pack of Stubble Cedar Wood Oil, a 15 gm pack of wood scented Beard Butter, a 15 gm pack of Wood Scented Moustache Wax, and a 8 ml pack of Beard Serum.

This set will cost you Rs 699 only. It is also a perfect gift for your bearded friends.

Gillette MACH 3 Limited Edition Travel Pack

Gillette MACH3

(Image: © Gillette / Amazon)

It is an ideal product for you when you are on the move. This pack contains a Gillette Mach 3 Razor with Gillette Mach 3 Razor blades, in a pack of two blades, and a pack of 70 gm Gillette Mach 3 Soothing Gel. The travel Pouch is absolutely free for you.

This pack costs you Rs 474 only.

Bombay Shaving Company Beard Growth Oil

Beard Growth Oil For Men- 30ml

(Image: © Bombay Shaving Company / Amazon)

It helps you to grow your beard fast, with hydrating your skin, reducing your pimples, and combats acne. It comes in a pack of 30 ml oil. This pack will cost you Rs 199 only. It is a rich fusion of five essential oils to solve beard growth issues and helps to grow hair in your beard smoothly. It keeps your beard nourished all the time.

Nivea Deep impact Set

Nivea Deep Impact Roll On

(Image: © Nivea / Amazon)

This set adds freshness to your morning routine. This set contains a 50 ml pack of Roll on Deodorant, a 100 ml pack of Face and Beard Wash, a 250 ml pack of Shampoo, for Rs 448 only. It is a daily care value pack for you.

Cinthol Hair Cream Matte Finish or Natural shine

Cinthol Hair Styling Cream

(Image: © Cinthol / Amazon)

You can now style your hair in different shades with these hair creams. Each pack is of 100 gm and gives you protection from UV rays. Both the packs will cost you Rs 95 each. It is medium hold, non sticky and non shiny cream, with great fragrance.

Park Avenue Grooming Gift Collection

Grooming Gift Collection

(Image: © Park Avenu / Amazon)

It is a great starter pack for you. This set contains a Good Morning Soap. A 200 ml pack Beer Shampoo, a pack of 150 ml Park Avenue Deo, a 50 ml pack of Eau De Perfume, and a 70 gm pack of Shaving Foam Gel, for Rs 735 only.

Ustraa Beard Comb Set

Ustraa Beard Comb Set

(Image: © Ustraa / Amazon)

It is a set to keep your beard well groomed. It is 100% Organic made product. This set costs you Rs 679 only. It removes dust and dirt from your beard and also prevents dandruff. An easy to carry product for you.

Adidas Dynamic Pulse and Ice Dive Deodorant Body spray Combo

Adidas Dynamic Pulse

(Image: © Adidas / Amazon)

It is asset of two products and is great for everyday use. Each pack is of 150 ml. this set costs Rs 340 only. It has dynamic, cool, vibrant and woody fragrance.

Davidoff Cool Water

Davidoff Cool Water Eau De Toilette

(Image: © Davidoff / Amazon)

It comes in a pack of 125 ml bottle and is available in various fragrances. Eau De Toilette Blue. It smells great after use. It costs you Rs 3660 only.

The Man Company Non Gas Body Perfume for Men

Non-Gas Body Perfume for Men

(Image: © The Man Company / Amazon)

This product costs you Rs 296 only. It is a no gas body perfume that gives a long lasting freshness. It is perfect for everyday use and can be used up to 1000 sprays.

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