Never Run out of the Blog Post Ideas: Generate in Easy Ways!

by Carter Toni

In order to execute a great content marketing strategy, any business would require to produce a large amount of content to resonate with target audience.

Blog Post IdeasOnly a great content would be able to get their attention and appreciation. Quality of content is always important, you just can’t write anything and expect your customer to stick around with you. However, with the quality, quantity plays a great role too. There’s a reason behind why content dominates the current realm of marketing. Content is the best way for businesses to share their knowledge and set themselves apart. Content marketing allows clear communication with the target audience on unbiased grounds. Well, you might be thinking, I have mentioned mostly about the content, so what quality of content I am talking about?

What is good quality content?

A good content has the ability to make someone read it and share it. A great content comprises:

  • Unique writing: A comprehensive style of writing, which is clear in structure and is grammatically correct.
  • Focused on current trends: If a topic is not interesting and could not influence the target audience, people won’t read it.  Picking an interesting topic according to the current trends will let your audience relate to it.

Is the job done?

However, only knowing to write good content doesn’t do the job. The important question arises here. For writing good content, you should have the ideas and how can you come up with an endless amount of ideas for your content marketing plan? It is really hard to generate new ideas for blog posts to attract the audience. Bur, not impossible. So, out of pure necessity, we have to discuss about the best ways to generate infinite content ideas for regular blogging. Here we go…

1. SEO Keyword Tool: If you are taking the content marketing seriously, it is important to invest in premium SEO tools. With these tools you will have the access to accurate, certain data and they will ensure that you are choosing the relevant keywords for your website. Well, it is also true that not everyone wants to invest in paid SEO tools. Therefore, I would suggest you to trying some of the free tools to get started. One of the most common free tool is The Keywords Everywhere. It is a Google Chrome extension, which will show you the search volume and competition level of any keyword.  This is among the best ways to make sure that the keyword which you are going to use actually gets search traffic. Another free tool is SEMRush. This tool is perfect to see the competition level, search volume of any keyword, and cost-per-click for your selected keywords.

Premium Keyword Research Tools features include:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Extensive Keyword Suggestions
  • Backlink Checker
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Keyword Data

2. Analyze your competition: Chasing your competitors is a wonderful idea to create blog content ideas and get blog traffic. Prepare a list of your competitors and analyze:

  • What is the major source of their website traffic?
  • Which content themes are they using?
  • Which social media platforms and posts do they get most traction on?
  • Who do they partner with, and why?
  • Which keywords styles are working for them?

By doing this, you get the fresh topic and better idea to write a blog. After getting the fresh idea on writing a blog, make sure that you give time to do in-depth researches about the topic to make your post is much better than your competitions.

3. Use HubSpot’s blog topic generator: Not every time, things will favor you. So, when you run out of the ideas and start scraping the bottom of the barrel, HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator is there to help you. It is among the best ways to keep ideas flowing for the new topic every time. After having the tool, all you have to do is to drop in a few nouns for whatever topic you’re thinking about at the moment.

4. Get inspiration from popular posts: While writing the new post, you have to make sure that the topic which you’re targeting will resonate. So, you have to choose a subject, which your target audience would care about and would like to read and share. However, the best way to do it is to check the most popular topic, which customers are already reading and sharing.

Here are the tricks to find out the best topic:

  • Go to Buzzsumo or HubSpot.
  • Search the keyword
  • Get a list of the most popular write-ups
  • Choose Twitter shares to get the articles
  • Choose the past month, if you’re focusing on something more trendy and timely
  • Choose the top performing articles
  • Ask yourself questions– can I dig deeper in topic? Do I have an opposite opinion?
  • Write your heart out and publish the post!

5. Watch Trends:

There are various ways to track what “Going Hot Right Now”. You can generate the blog content ideas by writing the piece of content which you think will be read by many people.

If you are thinking how, then here are some of the best searching platforms:

  • – It offers you with the worldwide trends and provide you information on what people are tweeting.
  • Google Trends – It helps you in searching what people are searching.
  • – Provides the people’s news (TM) stream.

These platforms are quite popular and provide you the type of content which has become highly popular in recent times. It is one of the best ways to get the ideas for generating the topic for regular blogging.


Hopefully, you have now got the plenty of ideas that will be helpful for you in blogging. Still, the biggest ideas that can come from any of the resources is none other than your own mind. No matter what trick you are choosing, you should have a blog idea file which filled with related topics to drive business goals.

So, what is your way of generating a new blog topic for your audience?

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